Legacy Books Workshops


From expertise, wisdom, and service, to family stories, recipes, memoirs, and so much more, we all have something to share, give, and pass on to future generations.

This program shows how you can turn your words and images into legacy books: from simple projects you can do at home for little cost, all the way to a published book available worldwide on Amazon.

Give something of yourself to your loved ones, your family, and the rest of the world. Learn how to create books as your legacy for future generations.

At This Workshop You Will Learn:

  • What can I write as a legacy?
  • Why a written legacy?
  • How do I create a book?
  • What are my binding options?
  • What resources are available?

Join publishing and book design  expert, Frances Keiser, and learn how to create your own legacy books.

Fran is a faculty member at the University of North Florida Department of Continuing Education where she teaches publishing-related classes, owner of Sagaponack Books and Design, and a multi award-winning author. She has been designing and publishing books for over 20 years. An artist, craftsman, and a University of Florida Master Naturalist, she also writes the weekly Backyard Adventures column
for The St. Augustine Record.

Here’s what Testimonials have been released:

“Very thorough for the novice with many visual examples and handouts. I feel motivated!” —Jan K.

“Excellent publishing overview for all types of books.” —Phil K.

“Lots of good, useful info!” —Bonnie K.

“Fabulous! Thanks, Frances.” —Chrissie H.

“Organized and informative. Lots of good info and resources.” —Nona A.

“This woman is amazing — she knows so much about so much!” —Hope C.

“The workshop provided a wonderful, initial overview of what is involved in the creative process of producing a book.” —Cyd T.

“For years I’ve been looking for someone who knows all this stuff!” —John P.

“Loved it.” —Susan C.

I’m taking a summer break and will resume with workshops in the fall.
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Contact Frances: email or call 904-429-7209