New Makeover, New Emphasis!

sunriseAnother website makeover as we enter a new phase for Sagaponack Books, and become Sagaponack Books & Design.

While I will still be writing and publishing my own books to help  children connect with nature, my emphasis has evolved to help aspiring authors achieve the same success that I have been fortunate to attain. I love to teach, love to help others, and know the publishing industry inside and out, so this is a natural progression for me.

I’ve even taken the leap to publishing other’s books—a consideration I had to mull over since it entails bookkeeping and sending out checks to my authors each month. I have wonderful people working with me, Kathy and Sue, who will handle that task.

I am also preparing a program to give at community centers, senior centers, libraries, and to clubs and organizations—”Legacy Books.” There are many programs and classes to show people how to write these, but none that show them what to do after that. So, I’m stepping up to the plate.

Everyone has something to share—your, wisdom, knowledge, and memoirs, or information about your family—history, stories, recipes, and anecdotes. I’ll be showing you how to turn your words and images into books—from simple projects you can do at home for no cost, all the way to a professionally published book available worldwide on Amazon.

Would you like to be able to give the gift of a Legacy Book? Do you belong to a club or organization that may like to book my program?  Please call me at 904-429-7209, or send me an email.


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