Simple Solutions for Publishing and Design

We answer your questions, lead you on the path that’s right for you, and design and publish your book. Clean, simple, and easy.

Frances Keiser is a multi-award–winning author and publisher with more than twenty years’ experience who uses her skills and knowledge of the publishing industry to educate aspiring authors and help them avoid the pitfalls to becoming published authors. She teaches publishing-related classes at the University of North Florida, gives seminars and workshops at writer’s conferences and to writers groups, and contributes publishing related articles to newsletters and blogs.

Frances is an expert book designer proficient in the use of Adobe software including InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat Pro, and designs hardcover and softcover print books, fixed-format ebooks used for children’s books, comics, and cook books, and reflowable format ebooks for novels and non-fiction. She knows book industry standards and the requirements for book credentials, front matter, and back matter.

Her extended team includes artists, designers, editors, and office personnel.

Contact Frances by calling 904-429-7209 or send her an email for questions or to schedule a consultation.

Our services include:


☐ Publishing and printing
☐ Manuscript formatting
☐ Step-by-step instructions and checklists

Book Design and Layout / Graphic Design

☐ Interior and cover design
☐ Editing and transcription
☐ Image scanning and photo editing
☐ Front and back matter

E-book Design (for print design clients)

☐ Reflowable layout (fiction, nonfiction)
☐ Fixed layout (children’s books, cookbooks)
☐ File conversions & uploads
☐ E-retailer account setup help

Book Credentials – (assistance in obtaining)

☐ ISBN: International Standard Book Number
☐ LCCN: Library of Congress Catalog Number
☐ CIP: Cataloging in Publication data
☐ BISAC subject headings
☐ Keywords, descriptions, and summaries


☐ Comparison of printing options and quotes
☐ Conversion of files to printer specifications
☐ Upload of files to printer

Self-Publishing Business Setup (how to)

☐ Fictitious name search and registration
☐ State and city licenses
☐ Sales tax registration
☐ EIN: Federal ID number

Promotional Materials (design and print)

☐ Business cards
☐ Flyers and posters
☐ Bookmarks and postcards